RV Insurance

RV Insurance

Motorhome Insurance Specialist Serving All Of Atlantic Canada.

Is RVing simply the ultimate escape route? It's a vacation home wherever you want it, whenever you want it. It's freedom and security in equal measure.

An RV is a vehicle, however, if you buy an auto policy for your RV, this may leave you with a number of gaps in your coverage. You need a specialized policy to protect your RV, this is why you would trust the insurance experts at GoToInsure.ca to take care of you!

RV Insurance covers the following that Auto Insurance doesn't:

  • Replacement Cost Coverage - This endorsement is to provide Replacement Cost Coverage for the motorhome, during a certain period of time (the period of time is define as per guidelines of each insurer), in the event of an insured loss if you are the original purchaser and the motorhome must be new at the time of delivery.
  • Third Party Liability - This is for RVs that are parked or are used as a residence.
  • Coverage for personal belongings - This endorsement is intended to cover contents that are usual to the ownership or maintenance of a motorhome against all risks of direct loss or damage.
  • Coverage for Emergency Vacation Expenses - This endorsement reimburses the insured for any necessary emergency expenses, if the motorhome is deemed to be uninhabitable due to damage or destruction by an insured peril.

Everybody wants to have a lower premium, here are some of the guidelines that can provide you discounts:

  • Determining the class of RV before buying one.
  • Deductible chosen.
  • Driving history.
  • Insurance history.
  • RV equipped with a Monitored satellite tracking system professionally installed.
  • Motorhome equipped with an Anti-theft device professionally installed.

At GoToInsure.ca, we'd like to hear from you so we can find the right Motorhome Insurance coverage to protect your investment.

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Don't Leave Yourself Unprotected: Even Renters Need Insurance

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