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Are your Tires ready for Winter!!??

Are your Tires ready for Winter!!??

While most drivers acknowledge that winter tires make a difference, only a portion of drivers in Canada use winter tires. A large number of drivers wait until the first winter storm to buy winter tires and a large majority of these drivers do not realize the importance of putting winters tires on all 4 wheels of their vehicle. 

Winter tires are very effective in reducing the number of accidents and injuries during the winter season, especially when temperatures fall below 7 degrees Celsius. Winter tires help shorten braking distances and protect the vehicle whether the road is dry, icy, slushy or snow covered.

In addition to winter tires, drivers should also regularly monitor their vehicles tire pressure, drive slow on bad road conditions and make sure to clear all the snow from their vehicle to maximize their safety.

Some factors to Consider When Driving on Wintery Roads:

  • Always drive with 2 hands on the steering wheel
  • Before turning a corner, slow down
  • Never accelerate or brake abruptly while turning a corner. Your vehicle may lose balance
  • Use brakes on straight roads. On a downhill, use the engine brake
  • Try not to switch lanes on roads covered with a lot of snow
  • On icy roads, you need at least 8 times the distance compared to dry roads to stop.
  • Keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you.


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Are your Tires ready for Winter!!??

Are your Tires ready for Winter!!??

Are Your Tires Ready for Winter?!

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