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Towing & Recovering Insurance specializes in Towing & Recovering Insurance serving all of Atlantic Canada.

You take pride in your profession. As a towing business owner, you efficiently maintain your equipment and ensure your drivers are properly trained. You deserve quality Tow Truck Insurance to protect your investments.

Whether you're using a wheel-lift, hook and chain, boom, or flatbed, the hazards are the same.

Here are some hazards faced by tow truck drivers:

  • On the job injuries and fatalities are twice the national average for tow truck drivers.
  • The most common injuries are caused by being hit by the other cars on the road
  • Sharp edges and broken glass while loading wrecked cars can injure the tow truck driver.
  • Tow Truck drivers are often called to work during hazardous weather driving conditions.
  • Special Risk like confrontations with car owners when drivers work in the repossession or impound industry.

You may think that your Business insurance policy or Vehicle insurance policy is covering everything you need for Towing business, however this is false!

The type of towing company you own will affect the type of insurance you will need to protect you against different risks. Many different companies own tow trucks such as body shops, mechanic shops, roadside assistant providers, auction haulers, service gas stations and vehicle salvagers.

When you are manipulating another person's property, anything could happen. That is why you want to make sure that you are covered at every angle.

There are four liability protections that you should have on your Towing and Recovery Insurance policy;

  • General Liability
  • Vehicle Liability
  • On-Hook Liability
  • Cargo Liability

Other coverages that you may need to include;

  • Crime Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Blanket glass coverage
  • Hoist Collision
  • Business Interruption

Cost of Tow Truck Insurance?

Remember that insuring tow trucks is more expensive than insuring regular vehicles. All this is due to the various risks that tow trucks are faced with while they are on the roads and highways. Not to mention hazardous weather like snowstorms or heavy rain, or when they drive on muddy off-roads. Another reason is the maintenance and repair of them; they are expensive to fix.

Should you be a position where you have employees - or are considering hiring employees - you will want to consider the experience and past performance of your drivers, as this will help determine the cost of your Towing and Recovery Insurance. You have to be very selective when hiring employees, choose persons with great work experience and a great driving record, this may give you discounts on you insurance premium.

Don't be worried about the premium costs. The Tow Truck Insurance is affordable. What is most important is to have the peace of mind that if something happens you are well covered. has more than 60 years of combined experience in the Towing Insurance industry. We work with the most reputable insurers and will find a customized coverage to meet your insurance needs.

Before you load your next tow truck, contact brokers who can verify if your policy is protecting you from every angle.

You already carry enough... don't carry the burden of unnecessary risk.

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