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Protect Your Home Away From Home With Seasonal Home Insurance

When retreating to your safe haven, whether it is a cabin in the woods, a ski Chalet or a Cottage by the beach, you want to be worry-free and enjoy the setting! Let brokers help you accomplish this.

Haven’t got your dream getaway yet but getting ready?... when buying or building a cottage, remember these tips because they will save you some money on your seasonal property insurance!

Two Possible Ways To Be Protected

Seasonal properties that are owned and used by you, the insured, on a seasonal basis can be insured either Separately or Added to your current homeowner policy.

However, to be eligible for coverage for your seasonal property under your existing homeowner policy, there are some requirements that would normally apply;

  • Principal residence must be insured with same insurer
  • Building must be constructed as a year round residence and occupied at least one day in a sixty day period throughout the year
  • Building not rented to others
  • Primary heating must be by thermostatically controlled furnace or electricity
  • Building must be accessible by maintained roadway year round

The Recognition You Deserve

Based on your history and current information you may qualify for some discounts on your rates. Here are some of the discounts that may apply;

  • Mature policyholder discount
  • Newer Home
  • Security system
  • Claims free history of three or more years
  • Mortgage free
  • Multi-policy
  • Non-smokers
  • Loyalty after 3 years

Common Exclusions for secondary homes

Even though seasonal property protection is very similar to homeowner insurance, there are still sometimes a few differences.

There may be no coverage for;

  • Sewer back-up
  • Damage to or loss of fences
  • Loss of food in a freezer
  • Damage or loss of garden equipment
  • Damage or loss of outdoor plants
  • Damage or loss of trees and shrubs

Only a licensed insurance broker can give you all your options, and let you know what coverage is best for your particular situation.

At, we would be pleased to discuss your needs in greater detail, and to offer a competitive review of your Cottage Property Insurance.

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Remain a "Happy Camper"

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